Board & Train

2 Weeks Board & Train Program (14 days) &
1 Week of Complementary Doggie DayCare 
(5 Day)

Drop off & pick up times anytime between 5:00AM-7:00PM. Safe and reliable drop off & pick up transportation included with your program purchase! 


Positive reinforcement training techniques are fast, effective, and transfer well from us to you;  teaching you how to successfully maintain your dog's new training cues into your daily routine. We only accept a limited amount of dogs at once which guarantees exclusive individual training, time, and attention. Please request by filling in form at the bottom of the page, making sure we are available (especially around the holidays.) Professional photos and video updates sent directly to you via text or email.

An entrance observation assessment is included benefiting our trainers in creating the best possible treatment plan suiting all of your behavioral problem concerns and needs. 

Your dog will learn the following verbal cues:

Loose leash walking, stay, sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, heel, recall/come, auto sit, focus/look, leave it, drop it, easy, let's go, okay, go to your place, no, good, release cue.

On-leash training, socialization, playtime, crate training, loose leash walking dog-friendly restaurant manners, beach time, swimming, desensitization, proper handling techniques and human interaction are important factors we use in order to obtain a positive, safe, rewarding, and mostly a fun training experience.

Unruly house behaviors such as house training, biting, puppy nipping, jumping on guests, separation anxiety, aggression, chewing, destructive behavior, skittishness, begging, barking, digging, fence running, negative associations and other behavior challenges may also be addressed upon request.

Included benefits: Guarantee training agreement, board and train certificate of completion, a custom treatment plan, genetic DNA testing, walking equipment, lifetime phone support, training treats, (1 hour) owner-dog handling course at completion of course. Also a follow up (1 hour) in-home training session expires after 60 days of completing the "Board & Train" course. Graduation photo which will also be displayed on our Instagram page. 

The AKC Canine Good Citizen test is completely optional, highly recommended, and also included in this course & optional for the dog owner to take on the last day at the completion of the "Board & Train" program. An official AKC Canine Good Citizen Title, CGC Certificate from the American Kennel Club, CGC ribbon, is also included upon passing the CGC test.. 

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2 weeks Board & Train


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