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Positive reinforcement training techniques (also known as "reward based training) are fast, effective, and transfer well from us to you; Teaching you how to successfully maintain your dog's new training cues into your daily routine.

Price: $2,500 total

($750 non-refundable deposit due at time of reservation, $1750 due prior to start date or upon drop off on start date.)

Is there a wait list? Please ask about our availability. There may be a wait list anywhere from 2-6 months. You may also request to be put on our cancellation list; If there is a no-show or a client asks to change their start date to a later date, you will be contacted if you are on the list by priority.

Length of Program? This program is approximately 3 Weeks but can vary anywhere from 3-5 Weeks as every dog is different and learns at a different pace. If the trainer decides the dog needs more time to master the cue's taught, the trainer will need to keep the dog at no additional cost to the owner for however many extra days the trainer recommends.  

Our motto is. "Train now, play later." 


How many dog's are trained at a time?

We only accept a limited amount of dogs at once which guarantees exclusive individual training, time, and attention. Please inquire by filling in form at the bottom of the page, making sure we are available (especially around the holidays.) Professional photos and video updates sent directly to you via text or email. You must agree to the terms, release of liability, cancellation policy, and non disclosure agreement prior to reserving your dog's place in our program. Once enrolled, there are no refunds at all whatsoever.


Upon reserving your dog's place in our training program, you must put a $750 non-refundable deposit, vaccination records must be confirmed by the dog trainer (email or forward your dog's vaccination records to ) and coordinate a start date (or approximate start date) with your dog trainer. 

Please note: All fee are non-refundable.


Prior to your dog's start date:

Once we receive the non-refundable deposit our Animal Behaviorists spend hours studying the dogs history, refreshing knowledge of the dog's archetype, assessing, and preparing a customized treatment plan ultimately benefiting both dog owner, dog, and dog trainer; Creating the best possible treatment plan suiting all of your behavioral problem concerns and training goal needs. All Necessary training equipment is included in the program cost. The Dog Trainer may purchase equipment both before and during the course. 

Your dog will learn the following cues:

Loose leash walking, stay, sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, heel, recall/come, auto-sit, focus/look, leave it, drop it, easy, let's go, okay, go to your place, go to your crate, NRM (No Reward Marker), good, release cue, fetch, etc.

Eat, Sleep, Breath Dog Training from Day 1!

This includes but is not limited to: On-leash training, socialization with both dogs and humans, playtime manners, crate training, loose-leash walking, dog-friendly restaurant etiquette, beach time, swimming, desensitization, proper handling techniques and human interaction are important factors we use in order to obtain a positive, safe, rewarding, and mostly a fun training experience. We do not involve children (ages 1-16 years) in the training process for everyone's safety.

Addressing Behavioral Problems:

Unruly house behaviors also known as "behavioral problems," such as:
house training, biting, puppy nipping, jumping on guests, separation anxiety, aggression, chewing, destructive behavior, skittishness, begging, barking, digging, fence running, negative associations and other behavior challenges may also be addressed upon request, but may not be guaranteed.

Included benefits: Board & Train Program Agreement (AKA Board & Train Contract,) Non Disclosure Agreement, Board and Train Certificate of Completion upon request, a custom treatment plan, Walking/Training Equipment, phone support, discounted Doggie Daycare & Overnight Boarding, 3 private session at the request of the client.


Training the Human: All private sessions are included in the Board & Train Program at the request of the client. Each session with a duration of 30-60 minutes.

- The Exit Course is on the last day of the Board & Train Program upon pick-up. This is where the dog training cues are learned by the owner. 

- The In-Home Training Session within 7 day of exit course must be coordinated and scheduled at the end of the exit course. This session is to make sure the dog is responding to the training it has received in it's home specifically.

- A Follow Up Session must be schedule within 7 days of completing the in-home session.

Please note: Failing to participate in the exit course at the end of the "Board & Train Program," for any reason whatsoever will forfeit any and all follow up training sessions offered & requested.

The AKC Canine Good Citizen test is completely optional, but highly recommended as it's also included in this course prior to completion of the "Board & Train" program.

An official AKC Canine Good Citizen Title, CGC Certificate from the American Kennel Club, CGC ribbon, is also included upon passing the CGC test. 

Please note: Our Dog Trainers' mentor extern students from Animal Behavior College. These students will be participating in all AKC CGC Classes and will be handling the "Board & Train Dog" during all classes as well as handling during the official AKC CGC physical 10 step test.   

Board & Train Deposit

A $750.00 non-refundable deposit is due to reserve your dog's place in our Board & Train Program, as there may be a wait list.  We only train 2 dogs at a time. The remainder of the Board & Train non-refundable cost ($1750.00) is due and must be paid in full on or prior to the program start date.

Cancellation Policy for the Board & Train Program 

Once the $750.00 non-refundable deposit is accepted, you have accepted the terms and conditions of the program and will not receive the deposit back for a no-show or an attempt to cancel. You may only request to move the start date to a later available date. This may only be done by calling 619-431-7243 and speaking to your assigned dog trainer. 

Serious Inquiries only. Thank you! 

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