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Doggie Day Care, Overnight Boarding, Board & train as well as all other services Pacific Beach Pet Care offers are by Appointment Only. Due to the safety of all dogs you will need confirmation before entering the property/premises. Under no circumstances will you be able to show up unannounced or participate in any services we offer without:


1) An appointment

2) Confirmation from one of our staff members

3) Vaccination requirements

4) Booking online

5) Confirmed Payment 

In Case of Emergencies


If you need immediate assistance you can text us at 619-431-7243 and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you need to book and drop your dog off immediately, please book & pay online 1st, and then send us a text to 619-431-7243 so we know you have made an appointment and are on your way. 

About Us

  Pacific Beach Pet Care specializes in animal behavior dog obedience offering a few different training packages tending to all of your dog training needs. We also have Overnight Boarding 7 days a week & Doggie Day Care Monday-Friday by appointment only. I believe in using positive reinforcement training techniques because it's fast, effective, and transfers well from us to you therefore teaching you how to successfully maintain your dog's new training cues into your busy daily routines. We only accept a limited amount of dogs at once which guarantees exclusive individual training, time, and attention. Photo and video updates are sent directly to you.

An entrance observation assessment is included so we can create the best possible treatment plan fulfilling all of your behavioral problem concerns and needs. 

Our Board & Train program always Includes: a 1 year membership,an entrance observation assessment test used to create the best possible treatment plan fulfilling all of your behavioral problem dog training needs, walking equipment, 24/7 lifetime phone support, training treats, (1 hour) owner-dog training education at completion of course, also a follow up (1 hour) in-home training session within a weeks time of completing the course. Life long friendships your dog makes, hall of fame photo posted on our site, and a certificate of completion is also included!


Drop Off / Pick Up


Overnight Boarding

Monday-Friday 5AM-7PM

Sunday 10AM-5PM

Doggy Day Care

Monday-Friday 5AM-7PM 

Hours of Operation:
5Am-8PM Everyday
(Including Holidays!)

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1646 Pacific Beach Drive,

San Diego Ca. 92109


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