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We are accepting new doggie day care booking requests. 


Our doggie daycare runs Monday-Friday by appointment only.


Drop off/pick up times are anytime between 7AM-7PM Monday-Friday by appointment only. 


Vaccinations must be emailed or faxed over prior to booking. 🐶👌


You can call your Veterinarian and ask them to either 📠  fax the vaccinations over.: # 619-793-1533


or you can have them email 📧  the records.

Our Email:


Once vaccination requirements are sent and confirmed, you are welcome to book a daycare to see if you like our services.🤩


*If you have already sent over your vaccinations, disregard the last paragraph*


After Vaccinations are confirmed...



....You may send any future booking requests straight to this number via text (619-431-7243.) Be sure to include the date(s), drop off time, and pick up time. ✅✅✅


After we confirm your booking request online or (via text) Your dog will be put on the doggie daycare schedule.✏️ 


Always text message us when you are on your way. 😉 619-431-7243


The first day of doggie daycare is the trial run, paid in full.


After the 1st day, if you like our services, you can book as often as you please. 


Our $500 unlimited monthly doggie daycare special is very popular and can save you a lot of money compared to other doggie daycares in the San Diego area. 


Our $150 weekly doggie daycare special is the 2nd most popular affordable choice. 


Our $35 single day pass is the best choice for 1st time clients. 


- Add on dog Training -

To qualify for add on dog training, you must book a minimum of 3 daycares per week.  The owner(s) must also commit to 10 minute training exercises 1-3 times a day, every day. These training exercises are taught to the dog owner(s) by a certified dog trainer at the end of the Day Care week upon pick up on the dog's last daycare of the week. $100 per week for add on training, on top of a minimum of 3 daycare passes. 



Doggie Day Care info

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